Removal 1This removal job was set up to climb and remove due to the location of the tree.  Carefully planned out roping and climbing techniques keep the employees and the homeowners property safe.

Removal 2After removing the lower limbs and gaining better access to the upper portions of the tree the climber is then able to relocate any necessary pulleys and equipment to continue with the removal by cutting and lowering the branches in an orderly manner.



Removal 3The lowered branches are then handled by the ground crew by removing smaller branches that will be run thru the chipper.Removal 4


*Note the climbers locations in these photos.




Removal 5


Communication is the key to the safety of all:  the climbers, ground crew, equipment and client property.   Removal 6


The larger trunk portions of the tree will be loaded into dump trucks with the knuckleboom and removed from the property.


After the whole tree is removed, the optional stump grinding will take place.