The roots of trees depend on two elements to grow, water and oxygen.  Over time, though, the soil around trees tends to become compacted, preventing both of these from permeating into the roots.  It’s a serious problem, particularly in suburban areas.  By aerating the soil, you can help rejuvenate the roots and ensure they get the water, nutrients and oxygen they need to flourish.  This process is also a way of unearthing damaging girdling roots that will eventually cut off the trees circulation system.

The Tree Mann is one of the few companies to utilize the advanced AIR SPADE System to aerate properties. Air Spades use high-pressure air to break up and evacuate soil plugs in a grid-like pattern beneath the tree canopy.  By utilizing air, instead of mechanical borers, the Air Spade works safely, without damaging buried roots or threatening underground wires.  Air Spade technology can also be used in other ways to help you manage and protect your property.  Contact The Tree Mann to learn more about this process and how we can use it to help you.