What we do

As your local experts, The Tree Mann is well versed in all of the techniques for rescuing, maintaining, and improving the health of your trees. We’re also experts in all types of safe tree removal, should that be necessary. Our goals are the same as yours…to maintain the health of your trees and the beauty of your property.

What we will not do

While we make every effort to meet your particular needs, there are certain services that we will not, nor should any reputable tree service, provide. These include techniques that damage trees purely for aesthetic reasons or actions that increase the spread of disease.

Lion’s tailing – While the pruning of many inner lateral branches from their parent branches produces a distinct look to the tree, the practice can create an unhealthy, even dangerously unbalanced, tree and will not be done by The Tree Mann.

Topping – Topping is the unhealthy practice of chopping branches and limbs to a much shorter length so the crown takes on a certain look. It’s a practice that puts the tree’s long-term health at risk and should not be done. Topping should not be confused with crown reduction, which is the proper reduction of the crown to a lateral at least 1/3 the size of the removed area.

Filling cavities with concrete – Pouring concrete into a large cavity in a tree often does more harm than good. It reduces air flow and creates an environment that can be detrimental to the tree’s survival

Prune oak trees April through September – Pruning Oak trees between the months of April and September is not an environmentally safe idea because Oak Wilt can easily spread if this is done. The Tree Mann insists, as should all tree services, that you wait until fall sets in.