The apple scab disease fungus overwinters on dead apple leaves and fruit left on the ground.  During the spring moisture, scab spores are forcibly discharged and ride air currents to infect developing leaves and fruit of apples.  Apple scab lives within diseased leaves, and will survive even the most unforgiving winter only to spread again in the rainy days of spring.

Raking and burning, or disposing of the fallen leaves, will help stave off infection the following spring.  It only takes a few leaves to start contamination anew in the spring.  Since the fallen leaves harbor the scab fungus, dispose of them before they become brittle and beak into tiny fragments that are difficult, if not impossible, to remove.

Our State Licensed Chemical Applicators are able to apply a two part treatment beginning in the fall with the first portion and continuing in the spring with the second (a very wet, cool spring may require an additional spring application).

Please feel free to contact us regarding Apple Scab or any other questions or concerns you may have on the health and safety of the trees on your property.